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Eyowo Developer API extends Eyowo core features to third party engineers to build products that contribute to solve financial exclusion in Nigeria and beyond Africa.

By doing this, we are empowering billions of creative engineers to build bridges that connect us to many more individuals not yet financially included.

Eyowo, bank on a phone number: Eyowo leverages on existing phone numbers in Nigeria to introduce a banking system that everyone regardless of their position on the social pyramid can also enjoy the experience of being financially included.

From payments to savings to credit, we believe that everyone with a phone number should have access to modern financial services, a fundamental concept known as inclusion.

Eyowo Developer Services

The services Eyowo Developer provide cuts across our three major platforms which are Eyowo Consumer, Eyowo Retail, and Eyowo Office. Below some of the core features of Eyowo Developer :

  • Phone Transfers

  • Bank Transfers

  • Web Checkout

  • BVN Verification

  • Manage Application Transactions

  • Pay bills (VTU Purchase, etc.)

  • and many more.

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